Welcome to O’Connells Irish Pub

Greetings friends!

Come along to O’Connell’s Irish Pub at Stora Nygatan 21 in old town. You are sure to find a great and welcoming atmosphere with people from all over the world.

Step into our little green Irish Pub where you will have the chance to hear some fantastic live music. Then feel your way downstairs to our cosy 400 year old cellar, where you can have cocktails. You can ‘shake it’ together with your new found friends and our cellar DJ. Or why not throw some darts on one of our two dart boards?

If you are looking for a place to enjoy different beers, a good range whiskey and delicious homemade food then this is the best place for you. While you are soaking up the relaxing atmosphere you can enjoy your favourite sports on any of our 5 big screens.

Our friendly staff are looking forward to meeting you! So if you find yourself in “Gamla Stan” come to O’Connell’s Irish Pub.

“There are no strangers here – only friends who you have not yet met!”


Business Hours

Sunday 12:00 -01:00

Monday - Saturday 11:00 -01:00